© Clio Simon

VIVANTO is the executive producer of Clio Simon’s “Rhapsodie juridique”, within the framework of Mondes Nouveaux.

” Rhapsodie juridique is a symphonic tale of a documentary nature, where the darkness of the room becomes a revealing agent of our imaginations.
This radical sound object starts from a legal monument: the 1905 law of separation between Church and State. From Mexico to Algeria, through the French Revolution, Rhapsodie juridique approaches the history of the voices and silences that thought, imagined, scripted this law. The stories are woven together, interpenetrate, combine and interweave to form a legal monument with a sound architecture that is both poetic and documentary.
The author of this production, Clio Simon, considers the representation room as a forum, a space-motor where the black becomes a revealing agent of our collective and intimate imaginary.”

Listening of the documentary on January 13 at La Scam and on April 11 & 12 at La Pop, Paris.
Duration: 40 minutes
Reservations: https://www.scam.fr/actualites-ressources/ecoute-rhapsodie-juridique-de-clio-simon-le-13-janvier-2023/