The Watchers – Jeremie Brugidou & Fabien Clouette – Mondes Nouveaux

© Fabien Clouette & Jeremie Brugidou

© Fabien Clouette & Jeremie Brugidou


Vivanto produces the live cinema show “Les Guetteuses” written and directed by Fabien Clouette and Jeremie Brugidou. An in situ show, in and around the semaphore of the Besnard Island (Saint-Coulom, 35) on September 10th and 11th, 2022.

The level of the oceans has risen dramatically. In a semaphore surrounded by water, a mother passes on to her daughter the role of Golden Ear, these analysts who listen to the underwater environment. The moment of the handover is the occasion for the daughter to openly question her mother about her past, about the meaning of their role, about the future of their isolated presence. The figure of the absent father invites itself little by little in the exchange between the two women, and with this figure, a mysteriously luminous presence. Spheres colonized by bioluminescent organisms are stranded by hundreds around the base. Loneliness, the absence of the father, these mysterious apparitions rejected by the waves as they wash ashore, push the two women to build a singular relationship with the world, between magical thinking and scientificity, in the image of our contemporary view of the oceans.

Writing and directing
Fabien Clouette
Jeremie Brugidou

Anne Loiret
Amélie Gratias

Production Vivanto
Ariane Romano
Mathilde Dalmas
Camille Miraillet
Anne-Sophie Permingeat
Cassandre Metayer

Paul Poncet

Video control
Lea Sallustro

Antonin Léger
Théo Thérès

Collectif Tempête
Violette Bourhis
Amélie Auffret
Magalie Balagué

Vincent Henaff
Marco Torres

Julia Berrube
Joana Abrantes

Technical direction
Guillaume Magré
Emmanuel Yon

Artists’ Assistant
Théo Heugebaert

Stage Manager
Jean-philippe Quesnot

Chevaux de la Mer
Solène Lavaux

Evelyne Boulanger

Production consultant
Françoise Lebeau

Graphic design
Anne-Lise Bachelier

Conservatoire du littoral
Gwenal Hervouët
Marine Musson
Guillemette Rolland
Ile et Vilaine Department
Jean-Christophe Resnais

Town hall of Saint Coulomb
Laurence Ramage

Ronan Martin

Replica auditions
Cécile Tarjot

Pauline Rouas
Olympia Boyle
Brenda Le Bigot
Amandine Gorrager
Julia Brugidou

Scientific accompaniment bioluminescence
Gwennola Ermel (Master of Microbiology, University of Rennes 1)
Laurie Casalot (MIO/IRD)

VIVANTO filming team
Yoann Coutault
Clément Jandard

Special thanks to
Mondes Nouveaux
Lucie Campos
Tombées de la Nuit
Clouette Family

In memory of Raymond-Yves, Prince of Guimorais